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Shortly after Carson finished chemotherapy, we had the following video made to capture key highlights from his journey. Long before the life-changing lessons God taught us were in book form, we knew that holding on to these formative experiences was important. I still cry every time I watch these scenes. Much has changed since then, but the hope we found in Christ remains.

Believing that others might benefit from the comfort we received from the Lord, I began writing down biblical answers to the questions we wrestled with during Carson’s sickness. Many of the moments you will see in this short video are described in detail throughout my new book Hope When Life Unravels. Would you help us launch this effort successfully by preordering your copy today? Would you do us the honor of sharing the book with someone who is hurting or by mentioning it on social media?

Preorder your copy of Hope When Life Unravels here. 

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  • Touching! Know from your sermons you’ve walked some very maturing paths. We are so blessed to have you for our pastor! Your messages though this Covid-19 has been so inspiring. We won’t take going to church for granted anymore! I know it’s been hard on you not seeing everyone but, your reaching out to many by social media that might never been in the building or haven’t been for quite sometime! Look forward to reading your devotional. Del my husband’s close cousin’s grandson Ingram Dismuke is a St Jude Survivor also. He’s also Glen and Pam Jones grandson.

    Love and prayers in Christ,
    Del & Bobbie Ingram

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